The Banknotes—Coins—Stamps Archives of the Bishop Collection covers the numismatic and philatelic history and heritage of Australia and also includes a wide variety of international and colonial rarities, containing all together 1188 items (2024-06-30): single coins and banknotes; tokens, medallions; various coin, banknote and stamp sets.

Year range: circa 300BC - 2024.

The Collection represents the Australian numismatic history and includes, inter alia, sovereigns, vignettes, pre-decimal and decimal sets; holey dollars and dumps; various series, such as Air and Artists Series, ANZAC, Birds, Bright Bugs, Deadly and Dangerous, Kangaroo at Sunset, the Lunar, Northern and Southern Sky, Possum Magic, Treasures of Australia, Zoo; including various stamp and coin sets, such as Bush Babies or Christmas sets.

The Collection consists of various anniversary, commemorative, and other issues, including single coins and banknotes, coin and banknote sets, coin and stamp sets, banknote and phonecard sets that celebrate a number of occasions in Australia’s or world history: Astronomy, Celebrating Decimal, Duyfken Exploration, Federation, First Fleet, Holden, Millenium, Moon Landing, Older Person, Planet Earth, Peace, Proclamation, Sir Charles Kingford Smith, Television, Volunteers, Waltzing Matilda.

The Collection also contains a sequential assortment of proof coin sets dating from 1966 until the current day. The Collection consists of an interesting overview of the changing currencies of Australia and the continuously improving security features of Australian banknotes.

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